Sunday Session.

The start of a new week. This week begins the end of a big chapter in my life. This week, I  finish my first year of college. I can honestly say that college for me has been the most emotionally, physically, and spiritually trying time of my life. I have found that in college, people change. After you get out of those boring walls of your high school, you find that you have more responsibility, but also much more freedom. I found that when you’re out of high school, you have to take control of the reins and lead your own life. Not that your parents and support system completely vanishes, but they all want to see you being an independent, functioning member of society just as much as you want to be on your own too. I’ve learned that it’s not likely someone will tell you to get up and get ready for church on Sunday mornings at college, It’s not likely someone will wake you up in the morning if you’re running late for class or work, and it’s not likely you’ll have a big, warm breakfast waiting for you. College is hard on us. It’s hard on our spirit. That’s why I have found it so comforting to know that I can just take a quick five minutes while i’m walking to class or driving to work and I can pray about the things I’m struggling with the most. You don’t have that set aside time for God like you do in high school, like going to youth group or church with the whole family. Sometimes life gets too busy and we forget to take a moment to pause and ponder and pray. My challenge for this week is that you set aside five minutes. Whether you turn the radio off for five minutes on your drive to work, or you take the first five minutes right when you wake up, instead of immediately checking your phone for notifications, or you take five minutes while you’re brewing your coffee in the morning and staring out the window. Let God know that you see his power in the little things every day. Let Him make you realize the potential you have in your life, and that you’re in control of it through Him.

Love, prayers, and a triple shot,



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