Verse of the Day 5/22/17

Psalm 100:5 “For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and forever.”

Lately I’ve really been trying to focus in on comprehending how deep and immense and thorough God’s love really is for us. I have days where I just think like… How could God really love this? How could he really love me, I don’t deserve that. But the best part is that we do! We deserve all of his deep, immense, thorough love. He doesn’t just love the little bit of us that goes to church on Sunday and prays when something bad happens to us. He loves the parts of us that struggle with an addiction. He loves the parts of us that mess up and blame others. He love the parts of us that get caught up in how others are seeing us, forgetting that God sees our real soul.

I think A lot of people struggle with this. We feel like we’re not worthy of God’s love sometimes. A lot of the time. We envy those who look like they are living the “perfect Christian” life, yet they may be struggling just as much as we are.

My challenge to you is that you turn the things you see as flaws, into a positive aspect of yourself. I want you to show that you acknowledge your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Jump in head first into the deep, immense, and thorough love that God has for us.

As always if you have prayer requests let me know through email, comments, or social media.

With love, prayers, and a triple shot of espresso,



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